If you do an online search for marketing communications companies, Google will reward you with some 40 million returns in slightly under a second. Mind-boggling, instant gratification.

Actually it’s beyond gratifying. More like daunting, as you scroll thru an abyss of self-styled digi-gurus and other visionaries touting everything from marketing black magic to pseudo rocket science. This is more smoke and mirrors than a strip shopping center carnival ride. How does it all equate? How will you find the right communications partner?

At Cohen Communications Corp., we know that dazzling ideas powered by bold strategies are the keys of success. From the first meeting you’ll sense it’s uber expertise, enthusiasm and experience designed to get results and cut through the smoke and mirrors. It’s “take no prisoners” marketing communications with teeth. And a purpose – to achieve your goals, and to win.

The Idea is King

Sure, we’re all immersed in a social world.  We push CTR’s and spawn the next inbound CRM brainchild.  But in this digital maelstrom, remember that magnificence still lies in the BIG idea and exquisite execution that boggles the mind and captures the imagination, whether it’s consumer, B2B or retail. As you make your way through the abyss, never underestimate the power of expertise, experience and captivating ideas.  You’ll find that some companies have them, and some don’t.  And as a business or marketing professional, you should never settle for anything less.

Why CCC?

We’re a superb mix of marketing aficionados that do what we do like no one else.  With over 75 years of combined advertising and marketing communications expertise, we have the insight and passion to better serve the complex needs of our clients. Unique, Refreshing, Irreverent, Bold and Profoundly engaging.  And …we’ve branded and promoted about every product category and service there is.

Cohen Communications Corporation is a multi-faceted marketing communications organization.  We are an award-winning advertising group that brings fresh perspectives to your communication challenges, providing 360-degree solutions from marketing and media planning to full video production capabilities to staging live events and multi-channel campaign implementation.  Our clients include world-renown brands, consumer products, B2B, retail, associations and municipalities.

The 40% Club (How We Work)

We are what was formerly known as a boutique agency, but with an important twist. Big agency talent and full-service capabilities without 40% of the smoke, mirrors and overhead waste. A hub concept firm with expert level-two support. So you get to put your left over budget into your website, media buy, public relations or wall hangings in the corner office, since that’s where you’ll be headed when the CEO sees the results you’re getting.

The Bottom Line

We know the guts of strategic, evidence-based planning. P&L, revenues and margins are the benchmarks we’ve lived with for years in owning, operating and CEOing our own companies.  And we deliver personal attention like we were born on snowboards. We don’t do much of anything on speculation or mumbo-jumbo.  No smoke. And the only mirror we use is the one we look into every morning – proud of what we see and what we do for our clients. So… put down your next generation, brand new digital device, grab some coffee or herbal tea if you prefer, and let’s talk. The air is clearing, and the death scroll is over. :)

The partners


Built on innovation and focused on results since 1986, we were founded on the premise that creativity and real measurable results go hand in hand.


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