What if the project requires a scalpel not a hand-saw? The tools in our kit span all forms of communication, from concept to production, media from print to digital, creative writing to strategic planning to personalized service, customized to fit your needs.  In other words – the right tool for the job.

Marketing its objective is to always influence behavior, and real marketing success comes from only one thing – targeted results. CCC specializes in a personalized, targeted approach to marketing with a unique structure that allows us to focus on the individual needs of our clients.  If you have a marketing need, CCC has the experience to help orchestrate your success.

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  • market research
  • brand development
  • positioning
  • market planning
  • collateral materials
  • digital/online
  • sales promotion
  • multimedia presentations/animations
  • trade show/event management

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Advertising we blend robust creative strategies and innovative media approaches.  Our work is exciting, attention-getting and measurable.

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  • radio, tv, video, audio
  • multimedia planning, trade journals, newspaper, television, radio, outdoor, transit, other
  • lead generation and fulfillment
  • creative design
  • direct marketing
  • specialty items

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Public Relations – a dynamic, evolving art form, thanks to the information revolution.  Never in history has there been greater opportunity for interaction among businesses and customers.  The downside?  Competition for customers’ attention is mind-boggling. Who are you?  What does your brand stand for?  What are your company’s core values? Companies can provide the information customers demand, but only with an agile grasp and usage of PR.

  • identity/brand development

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  • news releases
  • news conferences
  • new product promotions
  • special events
  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • speech writing
  • crisis communications
  • media coaching and connections

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Digital – internet marketing and digital strategies create a plan for how your company can engage clients and prospects using digital media including landing pages and online newsletters and other e-marketing tactics such as mobile delivery messaging.

Digital marketing is changing the way smart companies reach potential clients. CCC experts create integrated digital strategies that incorporate the latest trends and technology demands.

  •  website design, development

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  • online advertising
  • search engine marketing (SEM)
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • social media planning
  • email marketing
  • mobile marketing

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Trade Show – conferences and events give a company the opportunity to market its brand, products and services using face-to-face communication. Position yourself in front of countless potential clients with a vested interest in your particular industry, product or service.  CCC can help you decide how trade show and event marketing fits into your marketing mix.

  • event/trade show planning

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  • exhibit design and presentation
  • on-site logistics and coordination
  • pre-event marketing
  • post-event follow-up
  • PR and media relations

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Built on innovation and focused on results since 1986, we were founded on the premise that creativity and real measurable results go hand in hand.


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