There is a secret place known only to you – where no one else has ever been.
When you leave, who will show those most important to you the way?
More importantly, who will tell your story?



Your Story – Your Wisdom – Your Legacy

Vidi-OG-Graphy is a video biography – unique as the story of your life.  Your story will determine the creative approach, whether told solely from your point of view or from the recollections and observations of those who know you best.  What was once an oral history now becomes a documentary of your family’s journey and all you and they have achieved.

Your Story is unique.

Forged from your life experience, your story and family history reflects a personal journey – for some, a journey of trial and error – for others a more direct route to success.  Your beginnings, early influences, the events and ideas that shape who you were to become are the essence of your Vidi-OG-Graphy.

Your Wisdom will be imparted to future generations.

When you are gone, who will speak to the ones who never had the opportunity to share your life or hear you face to face?  Through your Vidi-OG-Graphy the lessons you’ve learned and the wisdom you’ve acquired throughout a lifetime can be told, in your voice, and passed on to family, friends and anyone interested to learn from your experience.

Your Legacy preserved.

Can you truly hear the sound of a deceased loved one’s voice in your mind?  Not really.  A laugh, a favorite story, a mannerism solely unique to that individual – these are things one misses after a loved one has passed on or is unable to communicate due to age or illness.  Now is the time to preserve your legacy forever.

A gift for your children, grandchildren and beyond to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, heartbreak and triumphs – a Vidi-OG-Graphy not only captures your story but your spark, your light, your very essence – the thing that makes you who you are.  Whatever you are willing to share can be included: personal mementos, photos, videos, home movies, newly shot footage of your first home, the playground of your youth, the people and places that formed the roadmap of your life – the influences that helped make you the person that you have become.

Many so-called “Legacy videos” are embellished home movies.

Produced by an award-winning Director, a Vidi-OG-Graphy is for those exceptional few whose story cries out to be shared in a style as unique as their own journey.

Whether viewed in any file format you desire or accessed anywhere from the Cloud, your Vidi-OG-Graphy will immortalize your life, story and legacy.

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